• Discover Emoji with the fancy new Emoji Picker. Just click on it in the text area to be whisked away to emojiopolis.
  • Discord Official API with support for bots and oauth is now documented and ready for take off. If you’re a developer, click this blue link to read the docs and start building right now.
  • More Emojis are pretty much the only thing I’ve ever wanted in my life. Now they’re here in Discord. All Unicode 8 emoji including :taco: and :eggplant: are available for good ol’ fashioned fun.
  • People Emoji can now change skin color as part of the new Unicode 8 support. Pop open the Emoji Picker and choose your preferred color to be yourself, and not someone else. :ok_hand::skin-tone-2:
  • Member List can now be toggled at will by clicking a button. Find the button on the top right. Great for not seeing people.
  • We Improved the Disconnect Sound to take advantage of this futuristic new technology called Stereo. MajorLeagueWobs made a beat. MicDaMicrophone made a rap. Check it.
  • Streamer Mode lets you hide your kids, your wife, your husbands, and all your relevant Discord information you don’t want public while streaming.
  • Improved SFX quality across the entire app to make your beeps and boops way tastier.
  • Stability Improvements (you’ll now resume without losing state if your net drops briefly). One of those things that you won’t notice and that’s exactly the point.
  • Overlay functionality improved. You can now drag & drop users between channels.
  • Compact Mode has been great, but got out of line. Now it’s been aligned. All the lines align.
  • Wumpus is now on iOS. That’s it. Wumpus is now on Discord.
  • iOS Performance Improvements to make the app more good and less bad.
  • Animation Polish on opening and closing direct messages went through acting class and now perform better.
  • Airhorn Solutions will live on and is being open sourced to show off the API. Add the bot to your server and get #ReadyForHorning






今回のアップデートで紹介された「AIRHORN BOT」ですが